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  • Peter Snell (Saturday, October 17 20 01:25 pm BST)

    Love being greeted every morning by the golden daffodil and energised by the orange rose. Found on your "just Miscellany" heading.

  • bcs (Friday, May 22 20 12:33 am BST)

    Your work is glorious! Very inspiring and beautiful.

  • jenny Pearson (Monday, April 23 18 11:01 pm BST)

    Are you famous yet? You should be, though you may not wish to be!
    Love the exuberance & confidence to try lots of different styles & ideas, & you succeed superbly with them all.
    They all are rich with Soul qualities.

  • Birgid ROHNKE (Wednesday, November 16 16 09:59 pm GMT)

    So good to see these wonderful pieces of art. They really appeal to my heart. The colour-scheme, the shapes . . . Thank You for sharing!

  • Ruth Hilary Smith (Tuesday, May 10 16 11:53 pm BST)

    I've really enjoyed exploring this website and will come back again. A great collection of scrumptious art! All very revitalising!

  • Daniel (Monday, April 13 15 06:05 pm BST)

    Just brilliant

  • Bill Warrick (Friday, September 13 13 04:00 am BST)

    A man of many talents and colours! Wonderful to see the art of your expression and the expression of your art Peter. I like your quote, "Art of the heart is the heart of Art." Thanks for sharing a
    pArt of your heart through this website.

  • Tricia (Tuesday, August 14 12 02:00 pm BST)

    Wonderful vibrancy and freshness with your work

  • Paul Sinclair (Friday, August 10 12 05:52 pm BST)

    Hi peter, just had a good look at the web site, i like it. And i like the way you have worded it, it works for me.
    Regards Paul